Cliff Miller



Cliff Miller was the epitome of dedication to the Loganville Baseball Program.  From the fall of 2008 to the Spring of 2016, Cliff had 2 sons that were integral parts of the success of our program.  During that time, Cliff served on the board of the Dugout Club and played a crucial role in all aspects of the club from fundraising to assisting with offseason training for players.  

Many words could be used to describe Cliff.  First, those who knew him and witnessed his involvement in the program would agree that Cliff was loyal.  During the years that Cliff had sons playing for Loganville, he was fully engulfed into the program.  Cliff bled red and black and was all in.  That loyalty did not stop after 2016. Cliff continued to show his support and commitment to the program in many different ways up until his passing.  Secondly, Cliff was a hard worker.  He spent many hours helping out at the field, raising money, helping with gameday needs, and running offseason training.  All 4 of those aspects are crucial for a successful program, and Cliff played an important role in assisting with each.  Third, Cliff was selfless.  There are many stories and examples that could be shared that showed he was willing to put the program and others ahead of himself.  There was not a time when he made things about him. Loyalty, hard work, and selflessness are just a few examples of the many positive character traits that Cliff demonstrated while involved with Loganville Baseball.  We are so very thankful for his involvement over the years and were blessed to have known him! The Cliff Miller memorial scholarship will be rewarded annually to a baseball player who Has the same qualities and characteristics as Cliff.